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What is Payson Method?

Payson Method teaches creativity. It accomplishes this by providing a framework for making music. With clear direction, playing music is simpler. Payson Method gives you a plan for how to practice and instructions for developing your musical imagination. It is necessary to approach music in both a practical and philosophical way because what you are ultimately trying to do is link your technique with your thoughts. When this is achieved, music becomes a direct expression of creativity.

Technique and creativity are equally important. Without one, you are limited in what you can express. Payson Method does not tell you how to think, it solves problems that prevent you from exploring your imagination.


Andrew Payson is a music teacher and composer living in Los Angeles. He is the author of the books Payson Method Piano, How to Read Music, and New Classics.

Music by Andrew Payson has been included in the PBS documentary Portrait of Harry, E! News, the show “La Belle: Lost in the World of  Automation” at Imago Theatre in Portland Oregon, as well as content for fortune 500 companies. You can listen to his music on spotify, apple music, and most other digital platforms.





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