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Payson Method is a company dedicated to developing creativity through music. We offer piano lessons, books, and free resources.

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The Payson Method Program

A clear path to musical development

The Lessons are simple but comprehensive.

Payson Method Piano by Andrew Payson

Payson Method Piano covers reading music, piano technique, and developing creativity. It’s all of the technical knowledge you need in a single book.

The Music is satisfying but accessible.

New Classics by Andrew Payson

New Classics is a collection of 41 original piano pieces that progress in difficulty from beginner to intermediate. The music is satisfying and emotional but accessible to players just starting out. When you can play through New Classics, you’ll be prepared to begin learning almost anything.

Andrew Payson

Andrew Payson – Founder

Andrew Payson is an educator and composer who founded Payson Method in 2018 with the goal of helping beginner piano students develop their creativity.

“Our books and tutorials will take you from absolute beginner through intermediate level piano. We are here to guide you in that process and make it as fun and as imaginative as possible, because creativity is the essence of music. You need creativity because you are applying your own ideas, your own emotions to the music. The lessons are simple but compressive. The music is satisfying but accessible. Payson Method is a framework for making music.”

“You can practice using Payson Method, and learn how to apply your ideas to anything, not just music.”

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Payson Method Teaches Creativity