Piano Method Teaches Creativity

Payson Method is a company dedicated to developing creativity through music. It offers piano lessons, books, and free resources.

The Payson Method Program provides a clear path to musical development. The program includes 2 books.

Payson Method Piano covers reading music, piano technique, and developing creativity. It’s all of the technical knowledge you need in a single book.

New Classics is a collection of 41 original piano pieces that progress in difficulty from beginner to intermediate. It’s music that is satisfying and emotional but accessible to players just starting out. When you can play through New Classics, you’ll be prepared to begin learning almost anything.

Andrew Payson

Andrew Payson – Founder
Andrew Payson is an educator and composer who founded Payson Method in 2018 with the goal of helping beginner piano students develop their creativity. He didn’t think they should have to wait until they could play “real” music to play expressively and think deeply.

Andrew wrote the books Payson Method Piano and New Classics for his students to create lessons that are simple but comprehensive, and beginner music that is easy but as beautiful as complex pieces.

Andrew believes that performing music makes us more creative. Playing an instrument transforms our brains and empowers us in every aspect of our lives. It changes how we think and can help us in anything we do. Anyone can learn piano, no matter what age we start. Here at Payson Method, we hope to make the path of learning as easy and as fun as possible.

Play your first piece with free sheet music and tutorials under free resources.

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Payson Method Teaches Creativity