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The Payson Method Music Program includes the books Payson Method Piano and New Classics by Andrew Payson. These books provide a clear path for musical development from the first lesson.

Payson Method Piano by Andrew Payson
Reading Music, Piano Technique, and Developing Creativity
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New Classics by Andrew Payson
41 Original Piano Pieces
Beginner Through Intermediate
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How to Read Music by Andrew Payson
Reference Book for Reading Music
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About the Author

Andrew Payson, Composer and Founder of Payson Method

Andrew Payson is a composer and audio editor based in Los Angeles. Andrew has been involved in a wide array of projects including documentaries, feature films, advertisements, plays, and podcasts. His work has been featured on PBS, E!, MAXIM, and People. Andrew Payson is the founder of Payson Method.

Payson Method Teaches Creativity